“Featured as playable character in nba2k11 alongside hometown comrade Drake, award-winning artist Promise is not new to the game. His resume suggests he is the producer/songwriter behind many of your most admired hits.”

Promise is a crafter of the creative and an architect of the original. He pioneers beyond the mainstream and remains firm in exactly who he is, consequently carving out a space that sits between hip hop and soul, ballad and rap. He vocalizes the unfiltered normalcy of his everyday thoughts, delivering to listeners a message of life and love


Featuring Crystal Nicole, Jon Hope, Shad, Da’T.R.U.T.H, No Malice, MC Jin, Montell Jordan…


Featuring Jhené Aiko, Sebell, Ebrahim, The World Famous Tony Williams, Slakah the Beatchild…

More Than Music

Featuring Probz,  Royce Da’ 5’9,  Shad, J. Ivy,  Calvin Richardson, ELZhi of Slum Village, Melanie Durrant,  Montell Jordan, Manafest, Darien Brockington, Ton3x, & more…


Featuring Brian Reith, TJ Pompeo, BumpsINF, Uzuhan, O’Sound, Beleaf and more

Ladies Room

Featuring. Christan, Aaron Cole, Yohan, Shopé, Sean C. Johnson, Angie Rose, Fresh IE, Charlene Nash, Navelle Hice, Mahogany Jones, WolF J Mcfarlane, etc

World Music

Featuring Shiwan, Wordsworth, K. Sparks, Shad, Sean C Johnson, NAK, Jae Jin, KJ, Sonreal, Selah the corner, Dãtin, BumpsINF of God Over Money and more

Joyful Noise

Featuring. Yohan, Kyle Lucas of Vonnegut, SonReal, etc.

Untitled: Promise x Liya

Prod. Credits: Giangelo Power “Christon Gray, pyro” , youngsidechain “Gucci Mane, wacka flocka, Andy Mineo” , Mantra “future, rihanna, Pitbull, Sean Kingston”


Featuring Brian Reith, TJ Pompeo, BumpsINF, Uzuhan, O’Sound, Beleaf and more

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